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The Farmer Diaries

Texas farmer shares list of essential products for successful organic garden

By Marshall Hinsley

If not for my garden failure of 2011, when most of Texas was gripped by a record-breaking heat wave, this year's garden would have been my worst yet. Several setbacks left me overextended ...

The Farmer Diaries

Texas farmer calculates one of the best reasons of all to have a garden

By Marshall Hinsley

As June arrives, so does my harvest. Tassels stream forth like green rays from the top of corn stalks. I peer under the leaves of my squash plants and find fat, pale green scallop sq ...

The Farmer Diaries

Texas farmer improves amenities for wildlife friends with natural housing

By Marshall Hinsley

My appreciation for wildlife deepened after I witnessed how my crops thrived last year because of the meticulous pest control services provided by a family of skunks. A few hours before sunset, the ...

The Farmer Diaries

Volunteer plants help Texas farmer overcome personal obstacle

By Marshall Hinsley

True sustainability in my farming experiment is a mirage, always on the distant horizon. But I still pursue it, recognizing that the accumulated momentum of my pursuit might help get me through wha ...

The Farmer Diaries

In a win for small farmers, Texas seed company survives through sustainability

By Marshall Hinsley

A small Texas seed company nearly felled by a devastating disease is springing back with a creative solution aimed to help the small farmer. Willhite Seed Company announced last fall that, afte ...

solar evangelists

GeoStellar: Increasing solar power, reducing emissions

By Austin Sanders

Now that SXSWi is over, and we've had time digest the innovative businesses present at the conference, there’s at least one that deserves additional recognition: GeoStellar, a group ...

Compost concept

City of Austin cultivates new pilot program for collecting organic waste

By Ryan Lakich

The City of Austin has initiated the next step in another plan to make the city greener, while also making things a little browner as well. After a nearly yearlong program that tested the logis ...


SXSW Eco broadens the sustainability discussion: Why is sustainable design usually so ugly?

By Dan Solomon

The second year of SXSW Eco is clearly striving to be a little hipper and sexier than the conference's initial incarnation, and that's clear in both a lot of very obvious ways (an appearanc ...

Making a Difference

Liveable City celebrates 10 years of increasing quality of life in Austin

By Michael Graupmann

Every city in America experiencing significant growth like ours faces a particular set of social and economic challenges that can be incredibly daunting when approached as a whole. From afforda ...

An Evening of Style & Sustainability

Vintage Heart Coffee

Come see the Fall collection of Purse & Clutch's Indian Line and celebrate their 1st anniversary, taste Vintage Heart's newest star: the Lavender Latter, and touch the past with reclaim

23 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (4)   Lists (0)   News (18)   Places (1)

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