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Real Estate Innovation

Austin-based tech firm plans to revolutionize commercial real estate marketplace

By Alex Bentley

RealMassive, a burgeoning tech firm based in Austin looking to change the way commercial real estate transactions take place, has expanded its footprint by officially launching in Dallas, Fort Wort ...

No More Begging for Dollars

New app revolutionizes valet parking in Austin — no cash needed

By Diana Oates

Everyone can relate to this story. You pull up to the valet at, say, a hot downtown restaurant, only to realize you have no cash. At the end of the evening, you shamefully ask a friend if you can b ...

Tech Chicks Rule

3 Texas cities get props as top U.S. locales for women in tech

By Jennifer Chininis

New research shows Texas can add another feather to our tech cap: Dallas, Houston and Austin rank among the top cities for women in tech. To explore the state of women in tech across the United ...

Steam3: A Conference and Interactive Playground

STEAM3 (Science + Technology + Engineering + Art + Math “cubed”) is an all-age appropriate, first-of-its-kind hybrid of a conference and interactive playground featuring speakers, works

South By Southwest 2014

Austin Convention Center

Get ready for another exciting week mixing music, film, technology and plenty more at SXSW 2014. With keynote speakers including Neil deGrasse Tyson, Chelsea Clinton, Lena Dunham, Marc Webb, SXSW&n

Amazing Apps

New app leads you to the perfect place to live

By Claire St. Amant

For many people, where they live is where they were born, where they found a job or where love led. But in an age of increasing technology, why not let it decide where you'll rest your head? ...

Gail Page

Austin's healthcare visionary on tenacity and the importance of balance

By Arden Ward

Healthcare visionary Gail Page understands the importance of the convergence in the health and technology sectors — in Austin and beyond. Fueled by a passion for emerging technologies, Page&r ...

Dorkbot Austin

The North Door

Dorkbot is a regular meeting of artists, hackers, designers, engineers, students and anyone else with some curiosity and interest in creating electronic or technological art. 

solar evangelists

GeoStellar: Increasing solar power, reducing emissions

By Austin Sanders

Now that SXSWi is over, and we've had time digest the innovative businesses present at the conference, there’s at least one that deserves additional recognition: GeoStellar, a group ...

go, go, go

My very first SXSW: What I've learned, plus some complementary gadgets and apps

By Aleksander Chan

This is my first SXSW ever. Ever. I went to high school in San Antonio and went to college at the University of Texas, and for eight long years, I avoided the annual music, technology and film conf ...

52 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (10)   Lists (0)   News (42)   Places (0)

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