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Girl Power

Why Austin is one of the best places in America for working women

By Lindsey Wilson

If you're a woman working in Austin, congratulations — because you're working. In 44 of the 52 largest metros in the country (1 million people or more), unemployment rates for women e ...

We Built This City

Texas blows away competition for hardest working cities in America

By Claire St. Amant

It's no secret that Texans have a lot of pride, but we're more than just talk. A new survey says the Lone Star State is home to five of the hardest working cities in America. To compile ...

Homestate Glory

Texas named Best State for Business for the ninth year in a row

By Claire St. Amant

We don't mean to brag, but Texas has a lot going for it. Okay, maybe we'll just brag a little bit. For the ninth year in a row, Texas has been named the Best State for Business by Chie ...

Where the people are

Fewer taxes, cheaper homes and lower unemployment: Of course Californians want to live in Texas

By Claire St. Amant

There's been a lot of back-and-forth between Texas Gov. Rick Perry and California Gov. Jerry Brown about whose state is better for business. But real estate website added a new layer ...

Career Culture

Landing a new gig: Five strategies for navigating Austin while unemployed

By Roby Brown

Sadly, our summer days are dwindling down. Those precious vacation days have been put to good use, and school supplies are slowly replacing swimsuits. But for anyone that’s unemployed in Aust ...

Frightening New Numbers

Don't get too eager to graduate: New study finds 53 percent of grads under 25 are out of work

By Whitney Radley

Most recent college graduates have seen the grim front-lines of the employment search in a down-turned economy — if not from personal experience, then from that of friends or family members. ...

(Don't) quit your day job(s)

For love or money: Austin’s underemployed work harder than you might think

By Justin Boyle

Here’s a riddle: If it takes one job to be employed, and it takes zero jobs to be unemployed, how many does it take to be underemployed? The answer? It’s complicated. A local mu ...

ethical treatment

Discriminatory donations: When I went back into the closet for $20

By Ralph Hardesty

Two months ago, I desperately needed money. I hadn’t had steady work in a long time, and I’d pounded my small financial cushion into the ground with breakfast tacos. I had just started ...

One unnamed demand

Is Occupy Wall Street about protests or pizza? Group gets a bad name, but the issues are real

By Whitney Radley

Forces of nonviolent protestors have been occupying Wall Street since September 17th, but the mainstream media was largely incognizant — or just plain negligent — until this week. T ...

ACL Alternatives

For those not about to rock: What to do while your friends are listening to Coldplay, Arcade Fire and more at ACL

By Kerri Lendo

The tenth anniversary Austin City Limits Festival is upon us. Though there’ll be thousands of people there, we can’t all make it to ACL.  Maybe you don’t have the money, the ...

10 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (10)   Places (0)
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