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The Farmer Diaries

Texas farmer devises three-pronged strategy to combat possible drought

By Marshall Hinsley

Dabble the least amount in gardening and your attitude about the weather changes. The word drought gets real. You no longer view endless days of sunshine as ideal. Rainfall stops being a nuisance. ...

From Austin to Africa

Austin charity's 'voluntourism' safari promises a giving African adventure

By Shelley Seale

Well Aware, an Austin-based nonprofit created to bring clean water systems in impoverished communities in rural Africa, is teaming up with JB Journeys for a "philanthropic safari" trip to ...

The Farmer Diaries

Texas farmer explains the imperfect science of watering crops

By Marshall Hinsley

Every year by late spring, my garden and field crops look so healthy and photogenic, they could be seed catalog models. By the end of summer, I steer guests away from my garden, so they don't s ...

The Farmer Diaries

Texas farmer foils drought with rain and barrels

By Marshall Hinsley

One memory I won't soon forget is the record-breaking heat wave in of 2011. In North Texas, we endured 80 consecutive days of temperatures at 100 degrees or higher, and it destroyed nearly my e ...

Capitol Recap

The Legislative cocktail hour: Making you feel bad about being a bad baker

By Katie Friel

While the rest of us are waiting in SXSW lines, drinking free Lone Star and hoping to run into Justin Timberlake, our dutiful legislators are still working hard. Friday, March 8, marked the deadlin ...

The Texas Lyceum

Texas values: Buffalo Altar: A Texas Symphony celebrates the Lone Star spirit — where oil & water mix

By Joel Luks

"But like I said, I ain't complaining," C.L. Pettigrew Sr., an 81-year-old oilman, asserts while looking back at six decades of drilling for black gold. He reminisces about the Goldsm ...

Planning tool criticized

Imagine Austin vs. Environmentalists: Make water a priority

By Rickie Windle

Despite almost two and half years of discussion, there are those who say Austin’s newest guideline for the future is all wet. Imagine Austin (IA) kicked off in October 2009 defined a ...

Culture of Giving

A Glimmer of Hope connects Austin with Ethiopia

By Shelley Seale

Marie, a  27-year-old living in Ethiopia, a mere $35 a month that shackled him to repeat his family’s cycle of poverty. After graduating from 8th grade, Marie dropped out of school b ...


Five tips for toobing like a grown-ass person

By Andrea Grimes

Toobing season is here, and with it, the smell of Banana Boat-basted skin, slow-roasting asphalt and fifty hot, muddy bodies crammed in an old school bus. Wait, what’s that? Your summer smell ...

9 Results. Showing to
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