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Jul 15 7:45 PM
Messiah of Evil is as if Antonioni and George Romero made a zombie movie together. Atmospheric, scary and beautiful to look at, thanks to art direction by longtime Terrence Malick ...
Jan 26 7:45 PM
This January, zombies are invading the Stateside Theatre. But put down your Prince albums and don’t call that fire engine because we already have a solution - we’re going ...
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Oct 24 9:00 PM
Drop Dead Gorgeous is Lowbrow’s all-new Halloween variety show that will feature sexy skeleton action, voluptuous vamping vampires, and demented hip-hop dancing zombies. Starring and produced by Roxie Moxie ...
Oct 31 9:00 PM
Rap groundbreakers Salt-N-Pepa and a macabre gathering of ghoulish revelers will be at ACL Live for the annual Zombie Ball This year's Zombie Ball will be the party of ...
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Oct 1 8:00 PM
For the first time ever, British psychedelic pop legends The Zombies will bring their seminal 1968 album Odessey & Oracle to American stages.
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