ATX Music Scene 2013

The Texas Music Scene television series honors the artists, ranging from country and Americana to folk and blues, who call the Lone Star State home. Hosted by Grammy Award winner Ray Benson, of Asleep at the Wheel, the 30-minute shows feature at least two original performances, backstage interviews and scenes from the road with Texas musicians — from the young and hungry to legends who have come to define this amazing genre.

Many of these bands tour rigorously, playing honky-tonks, coffee shops, bars — essentially any venue that will have them. This kind of face time with fans builds a loyal fan base.

“Nashville doesn’t want them,” says Texas Music Scene executive producer Tom Hoitsma. “They aren’t country enough. They aren’t pretty enough, or skinny enough, and they’re losing their hair. There are 100 reasons why they aren’t appropriate for country music anymore. Yet fans are going crazy for them.”

In this CultureMap editorial special series, we present interviews with the beloved musicians who have graced the Texas Music Scene stage — the ones who take Texas music to fans well beyond the state borders.