Alice Willet
Austin Photo: Street Seen_Alice_Willet
Photo by Kari Leigh Rosenfeld

Alice Willet

Age: 30
Occupation: Graduate student

We spotted this former model, now graduate student and part time designer, relaxing at Sparky Park in the Hyde Park neighborhood. Her clothing is loose enough to keep cool during the hottest month of the year, but chic and clean enough to present a very together look. The ensemble particularly caught our eye because it involved some of Austin's best designers: the shirt is by Alyson Fox and necklace is by Nora Frank. Pairing dark boots with shorts and a nude color palette is a great way to begin (slowly) transitioning your wardrobe from the end of the summer to the coming of fall. But have patience, it will be at least a month and a half before you could comfortable layer a big cable knit sweater on top of Alice's outfit, much less some chunky wool socks inside her boots. We know. We're dying too.

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