Austin Photo: Author_Caroline_Fabacher
Caroline Fabacher

Caroline R. Fabacher was born a yankee but raised like a Texan, by Texans. She hightailed it south of the Mason-Dixon Line to attend Vanderbilt University, where she double majored in European Studies and Spanish Linguistics. After graduating, she took another detour on her way down to the Lone Star State, serving as a Health Volunteer in Niger and an Environment Volunteer in Madagascar with the United States Peace Corps. Finally landing in Austin, Caroline settled in as part of the team at Texas Monthly. When she is not working, writing, or reading, Caroline attempts to offset her fondness of baked goods and queso with yoga, Crossfit, and rowing. Her paradoxical interests include fine dining and "fourth meal", early morning workouts and late-night revelry, and strong Texas roots and frequent wander-lust-inspired travel. Her work has appeared in Texas Monthly and Austin Fit Magazine.