Austin Photo: Author_Karen Brooks
Karen Brooks Harper

Harper is the editor-in-chief of the online quarterly, Redback Report. A career writer and journalist, an amateur singer-songwriter, an aspiring cook, a world traveler, and a proud Southerner from the Mississippi Delta. She began her career in newspapers in 1994 and has specialized in Latin American issues and Texas politics, having covered 7 regular sessions of the Texas Legislature and countless special sessions. Harper went to the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism before falling in love with Austin and settling here. After nearly two decades in newspaper journalism and a stint at the local NBC station KXAN, Brooks recently quit the day job and became a full-time freelance writer. Among her projects are the Redback Report and the Texas Beverage Industry Journal. She is currently working on growing her business, Credentials Media, a content, consulting, writing and photography service. She lives in Austin with her husband and their three pets - including their rescued Chihuahua mix, the inimitable Salacious Crumb.