Austin Photo: Author_Kelly Wendt
Kelly Wendt

Hello I'm Kelly and I have been photographing anything I can for about 13 years.
I originated in Michigan and once I drew in my first breath of Austin life I was consumed
by it. I moved to Austin about 6 months after and I have never looked back.Granted
Christmas in Michigan is cozy and summer trips to Lake Michigan are surreal for the
Midwest, I am always so happy to return to my home here in Austin. Surrounded by
live music, arts, culture, outdoors, and 'weird' folks is just what makes me feel content.

I have two children, a rescue pup named Rasta, and my best friend Matt as my business
and life partner. In our spare time you can find us hiking any number of beautiful trails,
splashing in the glorious greenbelt, pedaling our bikes all around the city, gardening,
having a great meal and cool beverage with our family & friends, or curled up with some
nerdy book on my prized hammock on the  front porch.  I hope you enjoy my additions
to CultureMap Austin as much as I am enjoying participating in them.

You can take a look at more of my work here


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