Club 26Ten

26Ten focuses on bottle service with a trendy local crowd from the neighborhood's nicer apartments and hotels. The appointments are luxe, the light fixtures are stunning and you'll be amazed that what appears from the street to be a small spot can become so cavernous once inside. The space is divided into three main rooms, each with its own ambience: the main room with its ottomans and dance floor, some hidden away spaces for quieter lounging and upstairs VIP. The music moves from techno to danceable pop and r&b as the night goes on.


Club 26Ten
2610 Sage Rd.
Houston, TX 77056


Sun: Closed
Mon: 9 am-2 pm
Tue: 9 am-2 pm
Wed: 9 am-2 pm
Thu: 9 am-2 pm
Fri: 9 am-2 pm
Sat: Closed

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