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Limited edition print of View of Houston, Augustus Koch, 1873 Courtesy of The Antiquarium

In the realm of antique paper objects there is no finer place to shop than at this special gallery.  Differing from traditional art galleries in atmosphere and attitude, The Antiquarium has been around since 1990.  It is run by the Cooper family and is known throughout the region for its selection of old Texan maps as well as cityscapes, military drawings and architectural renderings.  Enter this shop for an escape from all the commercial symbolism and iconography that bombards those of us living the contemporary lifestyle.  With its refreshing return to the art of pen and ink, pencil and paper, life drawing and cartography, it ensures the survival of these precious emblems that are in danger of becoming lost art.  The Antiquarium provides an old world style antidote to the constant stream of data that is our everyday life.


The Antiquarium
3021 Kirby Dr.
Houston, TX 77098


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