Pedernales Falls State Park

Nine miles east of Johnson City lies a beautiful stepped waterfall formed by centuries of natural erosion and shifting. You can view the rapids from the Pedernales River rushing down the massive prehistoric limestone staircase from a breathtaking scenic overlook at the north end of the park. The water levels alternate throughout the year, so the view of the river changes drastically from one visit to the next. Surrounding this natural wonder are acres of family-friendly hiking and biking trails, fishing spots and campsites. All of Texas's famous wildlife can be found on display here, including coyotes, armadillos, vultures, wild turkeys, white-tailed deer, possums and catfish. Campsites with or without water and electricity are available as well, encouraging folks of all interest levels to enjoy this wonder of Central Texas.

It's important to watch pay attention to weather reports before visiting Pedernales Falls. The area has a history of dangerous flash floods.

When drought hits the region, the park enforces a strict burn ban, meaning no wood-burning fires are allowed.


Pedernales Falls State Park
2585 Park Road 6026
Johnson City, TX 78636