Red Bud Isle

Austin_photo: Places_Outdoors_Red Bud Isle_water
Austin_photo: Places_Outdoors_Red Bud Isle_beach

During the day you'll find lots of happy pets frolicking around Red Bud Isle; this off-leash city park boasts a fishing pier, picnic tables and half a mile of lush trail. The "isle" title isn't just for show -- the park is right in the middle of Town Lake, just below the Lake Austin dam, making it the perfect destination for canoeing and kayaking. There's also a car-accessible entrance, just off Lake Austin Boulevard, so you can easily bring all your grilling gear in. 


Red Bud Isle
3401 Red Bud Trail
Austin, TX 78799


Open Now
Sun: 5 am-10 pm
Mon: 5 am-10 pm
Tue: 5 am-10 pm
Wed: 5 am-10 pm
Thu: 5 am-10 pm
Fri: 5 am-10 pm
Sat: 5 am-10 pm