5280 Burger & Taphouse

Photo courtesy of 5280

This meaty joint may hail from Colorado, but it’s got deep Austin roots, too. 5280 restaurateur Clay McPhail was a co-owner of local Tex-Mex favorite El Arroyo some years ago, so he has a keen understanding of Austin’s palate. And his west side 5280 Burger & Taphouse makes a special effort to tap into Austin-centric flavors. All burgers are made with Texas Black Angus beef, and there are lots of locally adored ingredients sprinkled throughout the menu, from guacamole and chili to pepper jack cheese, brisket, and habaneros. Plus, 5280 offers non-burger fare, including a Maine lobster roll, fried chicken, tons of different french fry dishes, tacos, egg rolls, salads, and even local and regional beers, as well as wine, draft cocktails, and “shaketinis.”



5280 Burger & Taphouse
7032 Wood Hollow Dr.
Austin, TX