Bavarian BrauHaus

Owners Ralph and Carrie Richardson opened Bavarian Brauhaus as an ode to their German roots. Among the German classics on the menu are weiner schnitzel, linsen und spatzle and bratwurst. Bavarian Brauhaus has more than 10 German beers on tap in addition to German lagers, Pilsners, Hefeweizens, Stouts and more. 


Bavarian BrauHaus
300 W. Bitters Rd. #185
San Antonio, TX


Sun: 10 am-9 pm
Mon: 11 am-10 pm
Tue: 11 am-10 pm
Wed: 11 am-10 pm
Thu: 11 am-10 pm
Fri: 11 am-10 pm
Sat: 11 am-10 pm

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