John Mueller Meat Co.

John Mueller Meat Co in Austin, Tx.

John Mueller is back and on the East Side. If you're a fan of John's work at JMueller's, then you can expect much of the same at his new trailer. The trailer shares a parking lot with Kellee's Place, where customers are encouraged to eat their food and enjoy a cold beer. Also note that food is served at 10:30 a.m. until it runs out, so make sure to get in line early. Regardless of where Mueller is smoking his meat, he'll still be serving up the beef short ribs that Anthony Bourdain claimed could not be beat. 


John Mueller Meat Co.
2500 E 6th St.
Austin, Texas 78702


Sun: 10:30 am-6 pm
Mon: Closed
Tue: 10:30 am-6 pm
Wed: 10:30 am-6 pm
Thu: 10:30 am-6 pm, 10:30 am-6 pm
Fri: Closed
Sat: 10:30 am-6 pm

Good to Know

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