The Domain

Austin photo: Places_Shopping_The Domain

Located in North Austin off Burnet and MoPac, The Domain is changing the way mall-going Austinites experience this rare treat. With all of its outdoor charms, this high end shopping experience feels less like a boxed-in shrine to capitalism and more like a sun-soaked, outdoor shrine to capitalism. Sure, you're at a mall, complete with Macy's, Starbuck's and the Apple Store. But you're also at the mall that has Neiman Marcus, Luis Vuitton and Stuart Weitzman.

And if you can't get enough of just visiting the mall every day, you can actually live here now. Luxury apartments have been built above most of the shops so you can finally make your high school fantasies a reality. Just make sure you pay for a parking spot come Christmas time.


The Domain
11410 Century Oaks Terr.
Austin, TX 78758