Fly High Little Bunny

Places-Shopping-Fly High Little Bunny-exterior
Chris Conyers

Who wouldn’t love to see a fluffy bunny released from the confines of gravity and four-legged hopping to happily fly free among the clouds? Makes you smile just to think of it, doesn’t it? And this image does justice to an eclectic jewelry shop famous for a chilled out, hippie vibe. Years ago, when the store first opened, we went to check it out and the owner told us that the name came to his girlfriend in a dream like a revelation (we didn’t ask what she was smoking before she fell asleep). Here they have a piece to fit any budget, the coolest sales people in town who will never pressure you into a purchase, and unique silver and white gold pieces. If you’re looking for something unusual that no one else has (as we always are) then X marks the spot at Fly High Little Bunny.


Fly High Little Bunny
3120 S. Shepherd Dr.
Houston, TX 77098


Sun: 11 am-6 pm
Mon: 10 am-6:30 pm
Tue: 10 am-6:30 pm
Wed: 10 am-6:30 pm
Thu: 10 am-6:30 pm
Fri: 10 am-6:30 pm
Sat: 10 am-6:30 pm