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Photo by Fulton Davenport: PWL Studio

What would Houston have done without our commander-in-chief of fashion, Mickey Rosmarin? Back in the '70s, he started a hip recycled-clothing boutique because he knew that hometown fashionistas craved an alternative to the sophisticated-but-expected looks on display at the city’s upscale-yet-mainstream stores. It was an explosive success that rocked women from River Oaks to Memorial and quickly grew to be the No. 1 boutique in town to find the latest couture fashion and hot little labels that nobody had yet discovered. In the tradition of a French salon, Tootsies is where the society crowd gathers to see each other, promise-to-have-their-people-call-your-people and gossip (if those walls in the plush dressing rooms could talk!).  But ultimately it is all about the fashion, and most patrons end their visits with buying a little something like a to-die-for Dolce & Gabbana outfit with a little Jimmy Choo action thrown in for good measure.

Tootsies sparkling new location in the West Ave complex (Westheimer at Kirby) has a lot of interesting design features (Tony Duquette chandelier, a hallway/runway that runs the length of the store, a private dining/party room, a glass shoe wall) and lots more room for designer clothes.


2601 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77098


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Mon: 10 am-7 pm
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Sat: 10 am-7 pm

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