An art adventure

Art Night Austin 2012 promises a starry night filled with art, food and music for a variety of tastes

Art Night Austin 2012 promises a starry night filled with art, food and music for a variety of tastes

Austin photo: Event_Art Night Austin_Logo

Imagine a night venturing through the heart of Austin to view creative works by Austin’s up-and-coming artists, and at the same time, enjoying the flavors of some of Austin’s best restaurants. Well, dreams come true Saturday night, when Art Night Austin kicks off at 7 p.m. at Champion Gallery downtown.

But the adventure only begins there. Art Night Austin enhances your cultural experience with the showcase of eight different art spaces, which are each paired with a unique dish from aforementioned restaurants. The event compiles of an array of different works, from the seriously toned contemporary art of Champion to the vibrant photographs on display at the B. Hollyman Gallery.

Art Night Austin is organized by Art Alliance Austin, a local non-profit organization who passionately supports creative forces in Austin. Its goal is to create an interaction between local artists and the public, which it does by organizing events like Art Night Austin and E.A.S.T. and commissioning temporary public works.

The organization itself emerged from unusual beginnings. Art Alliance Austin first began as an art guild exclusively for women in 1956, and its local events quickly gained popularity and a large following right off the bat. The organization’s desire to reach larger audience and more community members prompted it to change its name to the Austin Fine Art Alliance in 2004. Since then, the Art Alliance has become a key player in the advancement of art awareness in the city.

Art Alliance Austin's mission statement states: "We exist to enrich and endow the Central Texas cultural landscape as well as to promote participation in visual art." Through various events, Art Alliance Austin has closed the gap between the public and the arts by creating an intimate relationship between local artists and their potential audiences. 

If you are truly in want of an authentic Austin experience, join this time-tested, community-approved special night filled with art, food and music. The rich variety of work will definitely accommodate every art and food lover out there.