Cool Art for Hot People

Hanging Around Austin: 5 cool summer art exhibits for your hot, hot life

Hanging Around Austin: 5 cool summer art exhibits for your hot life

Orly Genger Contemporary Austin Laguna Gloria
Orly Genger's installation at Laguna Gloria.  Courtesy of The Contemporary Austin
Kasey Short 5 Plus Hearts
Kasey Short's installation at Big Medium.  Courtesy of Big Medium/Facebook
Orly Genger Contemporary Austin Laguna Gloria
Kasey Short 5 Plus Hearts

Astounding installations and intergenerational collaborations are hanging around Austin this month. Here are five cool summer exhibits not to miss. 

A Place Beyond
Wally Workman Gallery, through August 2
The talented husband-and-wife duo of Sara and Shane Scribner flex classical techniques in a modern light, bringing a sense of fluid motility and a few light touches of unreality to their uncommonly deft explorations of the human figure. If you’re on the fence about experiencing their work for yourself in the next few weeks, a look at the Scribners’ personal online gallery should make your choice an easy one.

Kasey Short: 5 Plus Hearts
Big Medium Gallery at Canopy, through August 8
This installation by local mixed- and multi-media artist Kasey Short uses metaphysical fingers and feathers to prod and palpitate your subconscious and explore human behavior as it relates to survival. It’s a bleacher-bound perspective festival that employs audiovisual and experiential stimulation. Expect nothing, experience everything.

Advanced Young Artists: Teen Artist + Mentor Exhibition!
pump project art complex, through August 9
Here’s a formula for expanding minds: Take 10 outstanding high school art students, set each of them up with a professional artist-mentor and give the pairs seven months to work collaboratively in a studio environment. The Contemporary Austin has done just that, and you can check out the 2014 results of this intergenerational collaboration at the pump project space on Shady Lane at Seventh Street to feel a warm swell of hope for our collective visual future.

Orly Genger
The Contemporary Austin – Laguna Gloria, through August 24
Sculptor Orly Genger’s massive installations of knotted cord have graced museums and exhibition spaces from coast to coast, and a striking example of such has assumed control of Laguna Gloria for the summer season. Go walk among the flowing, winding walls, built of lobster rope reclaimed from the sea, on any day when the weather’s nice. 

Kevin Greenblat and Shelley Wood: Texas Soil
Photo Méthode Gallery, through August 29
The unified talents of Wood and Greenblat bring together two distinct photographic approaches for an examination of life at ground level in Texas. Wood’s frank look at the lifestyle of ranched animals and Greenblat’s intimate visual dialogues come together to create a journey that tells a big story with small details and stretches out like a Lone Star night in a thousand shades of gray.