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Laurence Unger, Frozen Still Life
Laurence Unger, Frozen Still Life, at ICOSA Collective Gallery. Courtesy of ICOSA Collective Gallery
Laura Lit, Atomic, on display at Northern-Southern. Courtesy of Northern-Southern
"Myths of Rape" by Leslie Labowitz-Starus
Myths of Rape by Leslie Labowitz-Starus, part of DORF's “Own it, examine it, and confront it head on" exhibit. Courtesy of DORF
Therapy Bird
Therapy Bird by Lance Letscher, on display at Flatbed Gallery. Courtesy of Flatbed Gallery
We are the hackers
“We are the [Hackers], Baby, [Hackers] are we” at Big Medium.  Courtesy of Big Medium
Westward Faux
“Westward, Faux!” at Dougherty Arts Center. Courtesy of Dougherty Arts Center
Awake in the Dark
"Awake in the Dark" at the Central Library Gallery. Courtesy of Austin Central Library