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Meet APA!'s Tanya, the clever chirping cat

Meet APA!'s Tanya, the clever chirping cat

Tanya APA! cat
Tanya: the Cat in the Hat!  Photo by Austin Pets Alive!
Austin Pets Alive Tanya cat
Tanya believes work is overrated. She prefers hanging out, getting petted and spending time with her humans. Photo by Austin Pets Alive!
Tanya APA! cat
Tanya is a total lady in the litterbox. Photo by Austin Pets Alive!
Tanya APA! cat
Austin Pets Alive Tanya cat
Tanya APA! cat

Have you ever met a chirping cat? Well, you're about to! This is Tanya, a more-is-more kind of cat who enjoys being petted, hanging out with her people — and chirping.

What else do we know about Tanya?

Name: Tanya

Sex: Female

Breed: Domestic Shorthair Mix

Adult size: Medium

Age: 3 years, 2 months

Sign: Scorpio

Spayed/neutered: Yes

Adoption donation: $75

Location: Tanya is currently at the PetSmart Balcones Adoption Center. Make sure to check the APA! website for updates on her location.

What APA! says about Tanya:

Tanya is loving, interactive and talkative!

Tanya is a total sweetheart. Within 30 seconds of arriving at her foster home, she was out of the carrier, cuddling with her foster father and purring away. She loves being petted; in fact, she would probably let you pet her forever. Her foster has found that while she loves pets, she doesn't like belly rubs. (Perhaps she's self-conscious about her midsection.)

Why APA! says she deserves your love:

She loves being around her people, so she follows them around and makes little chirping noises when she wants their attention. She also enjoys exploring and quickly adapts to new surroundings. She is a lady in the litter box and is even careful when digging so as not to throw litter out of the box.

To learn more and adopt Tanya, visit the APA! website.