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What is Texas the worst at? Survey reveals the Lone Star State's bad qualities

What is Texas the worst at? Survey reveals our bad qualities

Thrillist worst states
With questionable honors like "highest murder rate," "most child smokers" and "most meth incidents," Thrillist's list details the absolute worst quality about each state. Thrillist

As we all know, every U.S. state is very different in terms of many qualifiers, including people, culture and food. Thanks to a new survey from Thrillist — a site dedicated to food, drink and travel — we can now know how varied each one is with regard to the state's most prolific deficiencies.

Want to know what Texas is known for being the worst at?

The Lone Star state has the lowest number of high school graduates per capita, with fewer than 80 percent of Texans having acquired a high school diploma. With extremely high dropout rates, Texas is actually the only state to have a high school diploma completion rate that dips below 20 percent.

As for our neighboring states, Louisiana has the dubious honor of holding the record for the highest murder rate, Oklahoma residents consume the least amount of produce in the nation, and New Mexico is known for the highest number of accidental deaths.

Other terrible honors include Alaska with the highest Chlamydia rates, Colorado with the highest rate of cocaine use, Indiana with the highest rate of meth-related incidents, and Oregon's status as the state with the highest rate of prescription painkiller abuse.

Other winners — okay, losers — include California for the most polluted cities, Missouri for the worst puppy mills, Alabama with the most child smokers, and Mississippi with the shortest life expectancy.

Check out the complete list to find out how your favorite (or least favorite) states fared. Maybe it can help you figure out where to avoid — or at least be wary of — when planning your next vacation (here's looking at you, Louisiana).