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New Austin transportation plan includes light-rail tunnel through downtown

New Austin transportation plan includes tunnel through downtown

Cap metro bus cyclist busy downtown Austin street
The new plan offers a much-needed transportation plan for downtown Austin. Capital Metro/Facebook

KVUE —  Capital Metro announced its Project Connect transit system on January 14, which includes more MetroRail options and the construction of an underground tunnel housing a light rail system in the downtown Austin area.

The tunnel is a portion of one of two proposed transit ways designed to alleviate downtown traffic and prevent cars from getting stuck behind a transit vehicle, according to city documents.

The second proposal suggests dedicating a bus lane for CapMetro transit vehicles. According to city documents, this plan would reach capacity by 2040.

CapMetro said it has seen 15 straight months of increased ridership. As a result, the organization suggests the need for long-term investment in city transportation that is safe and transformative, to address both current and future capacity needs.


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