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Storm porn, baby polar bears and more links we love right now

Storm porn, baby polar bears and more links we love right now

Editor's note: There's so much that's beautiful, funny, smart and informative on the Internet. Problem is, there's also a bunch of garbage. Here's the best of the web right now:

1. It’s pretty nice in Austin right now, so here’s some storm porn to get your rocks off. Mitch Dobrowner’s photographs of storms throughout the Midwest and Southwest will make you feel very, very small — but no less in awe of the immense power that storms possess.

2. It might be 2014, but there’s still time for one last Best Movies of 2013 list. Confession time: I have seen exactly zero of Vince Mancini’s picks, but that’s just because I hate movie theaters and other people. Trust Mancini, though. He’s one of the best young reviewers out there.

3. Here’s a little quiz about the city you should be living in. The most important thing to remember is that whatever answer you get, you should pack up and move there immediately, because traffic on 35 is ridiculous these days.

4. Oklahoma and Nebraska players put upside-down Longhorn stickers on their helmets for the East-West Shrine Game. I’ll just say this once because a lot of people and Aggies don’t seem to get it: When you buy something from the University of Texas to desecrate, you’re still giving money to the University of Texas.

5. Here are twin polar bear cubs opening their eyes for the first time. These little guys are struggling to wake up, and, honestly, they look a little hung over. They live in the Munich Zoo, so that there might be some truth to that statement.

Monsoon by Mitch Dobrowner
Mitch Dobrowner's storm photos are awesome.  Photo by Mitch Dobrowner
Paris, France
If a BuzzFeed quiz says you should move to Paris, you should move to Paris.  Photo by Kerry Loggins/Flickr