Weekend Roundup

Hear classic symphonies, watch Texas Rollergirls in our top 5 event picks for the weekend

Hear classic symphonies, watch Texas Rollergirls in our top 5 event picks for the weekend

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Courtesy of Courtesy Texas Rollergirls

There's highbrow and lowbrow — middlebrow, too if you're going to be picky about it. You can have it all, really.

Impress your friends with tales of your time at the orchestra or have them join you for a citywide scavenger with our event picks for this weekend.

Austin Civic Orchestra presents Titan 

Don’t be intimidated. You might have actually heard some of this! Some of Austrian composer Gustav Mahler’s symphony was used in Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life. But even if you haven’t, it could still be a good opportunity to tear yourself away from that Walking Dead marathon (yeah, yeah, it’s back this Sunday). You’re better than that. It’s Saturday night at the Austin Civic Orchestra in Georgetown.

I Wanna Be Your Dog III: Puppy Love Edition

Thanks largely to the efforts to the folks at Austin Pets Alive! Austin is a no-kill city — a rare and hard won feat. They’re throwing their third annual I Wanna Be Your Dog benefit Saturday night at 8 p.m. at Hotel Vegas, where there will be food, drinks, a photo booth, animal-themed T-shirts to buy and a raffle for two SXSW wristbands and JetBlue airline vouchers. It’s five bucks and, of course, dog friendly.

Scavenger Dash 

There’s all kind of running, jumping and (legal) misbehavior to be had when you participate in this pseudo-Amazing Race. In teams of two, you scour the city for clues, racing to be the first team to finish. It’s about five to seven miles, takes about four or five hours or so and you can wear (appropriate) costumes. The scavenger race is Saturday starting at noon, with Opal Divine’s downtown serving as the starting point.

Texas Rollergirls’ first bout of the season 

This is not the kind of roller skating you did when you were a kid at birthday parties. This is aggressive, violent and high-speed skating — the kind where teams are called Hell Marys, Hotrod Honeys, Honky Tonk Heartbreakers and Hustlers. These ladies, who kick off their 2013 season with first match or “bout” Sunday night at the Austin Convention Center, are tough business.

JB Smoove at Cap City Comedy

You probably know this comedian from Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, where plays the incorrigible Leon Black. (As a reminder, here’s a link to one of his better moments on the show, where he explains David’s perpetually exasperated version of himself how to put up a fight. NSFW, obviously.) Smoove is performing a few sets over the weekend, so check the Cap City site and take your pick.