Remember the Alamo

Ultimate Texas license plate up for grabs in rare auction

Ultimate Texas license plate up for grabs in rare auction

Alamo Texas license plate February 2016 auction
This license plate will go to the highest bidder. Photo courtesy of My Plates

Remember the Alamo? A piece of Texas history can be yours — if the price is right. The Lone Star license plate reading ALAMO is on the auction block for a limited time.

The online auction hosted by My Plates, the official Texas vendor of vanity license plates, coincides with the 180th anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo. Bidding for the tribute to Texas independence opened on Tuesday, February 23, the same day the siege on the Alamo began in 1836. The auction closes in 12 days.

The ALAMO license plate is legally transferable and will be awarded for a five-year term. The winner can choose from more than 100 possible designs, but we think the classic black and white makes the boldest statement.

Proceeds from the sale benefit the Alamo Endowment Fund and the state's General Revenue Fund, both of which help keep the Alamo in tip-top shape. The current bid is $2,000, but we shouldn't underestimate Texas pride. The most expense Texas license plate — 12THMAN — sold for a cool $115,000 in 2013.

The auction will close on March 6 at 8 pm. Bids for the ALAMO license plate can be placed online via