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What we’re into this month: CultureMap staffers share the stuff we’re loving in March

What we’re into this month: CultureMap staffers share the stuff we’re loving in March

Welcome to What We’re Into, a new feature where your CultureMap staffers share the stuff they’ve loving this month. From movies to music, fashion to food, we want to share a few of our favorite things with you.

Minh Vu

I've been listening to the album, Some Nights by Fun. lately. There's just something infectious about their sound that makes you wanna have the greatest day of your life when you listen to them. Standouts from the album are of course the popular "We Are Young," but also "Some Nights," "Carry On" and "Out On The Town." 

Samantha Pitchel

While my monthly Birchbox sometimes strikes out (if anyone wants to take these eyeliner stickers off my hands, be my guest), every tiny, pink-papered box contains a treasure. This month, it was Stila’s Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner. I’m a liner junkie, and I own more of it than I could ever realistically attempt to wear, but this creamy, slightly sparkly pencil has been a daily staple the past few weeks. With a faint shimmer, it’s pretty enough to wear on its own, or you can layer it over shadow for a more subdued look. I’m a big fan of “Moray,” a mossy green with flecks of gold.

Michael Graupmann

RuPaul's Drag Race: This is the best season since the first because there is no foregone winner. The cast is louder and funnier than ever, and RuPaul is at her best. Artist Chad Sell is recreating all of the night's best looks along with an awesome recap of each night. Totally worth checking out.

Wayne White: Caught a screener of the SXSW documentary about him, Beauty is Embarrassing, and now I'm nostalgic for PeeWee's Playhouse and excited about White's paintings. He'll be here at SXSW and I'm super excited.

Austin New Work Theatre: The Austin Creative Alliance is helping playwrights and new theatre companies get on their feet and making brave new theatre. All sorts of important collaborations and upcoming projects are happening all over Austin for the betterment of all the new plays coming to life. Cambiare and Paper Moon Rep just got done with a cool double-feature show. Breaking String is bringing their New Russian Drama Festival to life. So much to see and do!

Arden Ward

We can't all make it to Marfa for inspiration, but we can tune into its public radio broadcast, thanks to the almighty Internet. On Saturday nights, you can catch Joe Nick Patoski's Texas Music Hour of Power, which summons the greats and the near-greats of Texas music history. This week's installment included a chilling cover of Ring of Fire by Ruthie Foster, plus a well-deserved nod to ol' Doug Sahm. There's a repeat on Wednesday afternoons at 3 p.m. CST, too. If you ask me, that's the perfect oasis and recharge for the mid-week slump.

Jessica Pages

These "invisible mother" photographs are totally creepy but kind of hilarious at the same time. Mothers would hide under blankets or carpets to insure that their children would hold still for the camera so that the photos would come out in focus. Artist Simon Beck creates incredible patterns in the snow just by walking. And here’s a behind the scenes interview of Michael Muller's underwater studio for Travel Channel shark portraits that explores the set up, lights and working with sharks.

Austin Sanders

Dilbert 3 is a bizarre, NSFW YouTube video (you've been warned) exploring the downfall of Dilbert and Wally, characters in Scott Adams' iconic comic strip. The song is what I really love; a lo-fi, ambient cover of this legendary chip-tunes track. Dilbert 3 has a trance-inducing sound that begs to be put on repeat-- perfect for when you need to sit down, reflect and just vibe out. 

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