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The week's top links: A new Fleetwood Mac EP, Beyonce meets Gatsby and more

The week's links: A Fleetwood Mac EP, Beyonce meets Gatsby & more

Here are just a few of the stories, lists and videos we loved this week:

The winners of the 2013 Webby Awards have been announced.

Twitter of the week: HuffPoSpoilers, which reveals headline cliffhangers so you don't have to click through.

Tumblr of the week: Joffrey Bieber, the Game of Thrones/Bieber mashup the world needed.

The Hollywood Reporter has an uncensored oral history of The Hangover franchise.

Yes, this is real — Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall are starting a "Blue Collar Theme Park."

Spin lists Daft Punk's best samples.

Engadget explores how iTunes has impacted the music industry in this multi-part series.

Check out some of Disalmanac's best charts of the month.

Not only can you review prisons on Yelp now, but prisoners can review prisons on Yelp now.

Neutral Milk Hotel is touring!

Science proves that men with beards are more attractive.

NPR is streaming Fleetwood Mac's new EP, Extended Play.

The Icelandic Pirate Party has officially won three seats in Parliament.

Aquarium Drunkard has some rare Velvet Underground recordings.

Vulture lists 50 comedians you should/will soon know.

BuzzFeed recreates classic movie posters with clip art because sure why not.

Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" gets covered for The Great Gatsby soundtrack:

... and Beyonce and Andre 300 cover Amy Winehouse:

DJs The Hood Internet have released a brand new hour-long mashup mix:

Check out Conan O'Brien's White House Correspondents Dinner speech:

What happens when your cameo gets cut from Iron Man 3? You make a video about it, like Chris Gethard:

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