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Austin news feed: Experts weigh in on the official beer of Austin

Austin news feed: Experts weigh in on the official beer of Austin

Austin Beerworks pint of beer
Which local beer do you think best represents Austin? Austin Beerworks/Facebook

Editor's note: Over the course of a week, we come across dozens of newsy tidbits and interesting links that we want to share with you. For this weekly roundup, we gathered all the news we found hoppy, inspiring and covered in barbecue sauce.

1. What is the official beer of Austin? The Austin Chronicle hosted a summit of sorts to determine the official beer of Austin. The title belongs to — drum roll, please — Austin Beerworks Pearl Snap Pils.

2. Go behind-the-scenes of the newest art installation at Laguna Gloria. It was no small feat to construct "Looking Up" by Tom Friedman, the impressive new addition to the grounds of The Contemporary Austin.

3. Governor Greg Abbott says that barbecue sauce is the most important part of barbecue. Although we may not share the same opinion of sauce, we can all agree with the governor's assessment that Franklin Barbecue is out of this world.

4. The oldest living WWII veteran still lives in the East Austin house he built in 1945. Meet Richard Overton. He's 109 years old, a WWII vet and a big fan of burgers. The Austin American-Statesman caught up with this living legend during his birthday celebration.

5. Austin videographer publishes footage of the epicenter of Nepal's most recent earthquake. This footage shows what life was like before the destruction.

6. A National Geographic writer's take on Austin. Tracy Dahlby traded in his traveling boots for cowboy boots when he moved to Austin nine years ago. The University of Texas professor discusses the creative merit of his new home.