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Austin news feed: Meet the Funniest Person in Austin

Austin news feed: Meet the Funniest Person in Austin

Abbrev's fake restaurant_comedian Danny Palumbo_2015
Danny Palumbo is the Funniest Person in Austin for 2015. Courtesy of Abbrev's

Editor's note: Over the course of a week, we come across dozens of newsy tidbits and interesting links that we want to share with you. For this weekly roundup, we gathered all the news we found hilarious, techy and more. 

1. Danny Pulumbo is the Funniest Person in Austin. The annual competition has crowned a new king: Danny Palumbo. You may remember him from the Abbrevs fine dining gimmick.

2. The ROT Rally is still on. APD and event coordinators assured the public that the annual festivities will continue despite recent events in Waco.

3. Is the lake full yet? The answer's nope. This website is tracking the water level of Lake Travis, and we've still go a ways to go.

4. An ode to Austin's coffee scene. Check out this Boston Globe writer's picks for the best coffee shops and brewers around town (and when you're done, see some of our faves for getting stuff done).

5. What are the top 100 tech companies in Austin? Built in Austin constructed a sweet breakdown of the local tech community, from small startups to global giants.