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The week's top links: '80s metal history, Amy Poehler's life advice, the best webcomics and more

The week's top links: '80s metal history, Amy Poehler's life advice

links we love_may 23 2013

Here are just a few of the stories, lists and videos we loved this week:

Drowned in Sound's Music Alliance Pact has a new playlist curated by and featuring artists from around the world.

Salon presents an oral history of '80s metal.

Amazon is launching "Kindle Worlds," a new fan-fic imprint.

Ireland's new stamp has an entire short story printed on it.

Spin takes a look at the way prisoners are keeping the music industry afloat.

Food expert Michael Pollan extols the virtues of (certain) germs.

National Geographic's 3D scans capture caterpillars turning into butterflies.

BuzzFeed lists 42 really great webcomics.

Grantland profiles everyone's favorite exercise guru, Richard Simmons.

Check out Ernest Hemingway's recommended reading for a young writer.

You might need this "Vampire Weekipedia" glossary to get through the band's latest lyrics.

Splitsider compiles a guide to Amy Poehler's sincerely helpful life advice.

A DVD that smells like pizza when it plays? Yes, please.

Las Rosas is the latest band we love that features a former member of Austin trio Harlem.

Is Venezuela seriously in the midst of a toilet paper shortage?

Parks and Rec writer Megan Amram teaches Fast Company how to be funny on Twitter.

In case you missed it, Saturday Night Live's favorite nightlife expert, Stefon, said goodbye to the show last weekend:

Reggie Watts takes rick-rolling to a new level with this shot-for-shot remake of Rick Astley's video:

"Precious Plum" is the only Honey Boo Boo parody web series we need to see: