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Austin couple's wedding photos go viral, but husband gets the last laugh

Austin couple's wedding photos go viral, husband gets the last laugh

Adam Harris_wedding_Meninist tweet meme_Dustin Finklestein_2015
"Knowing that I was marrying her ... was enough to make me cry tears of joy," said Adam Harris in a statement. MeninistTweet/Twitter

The moment that a future husband and wife see each other for the first time on their wedding day is often emotional and touching. However, for one Austin man, that cherished moment has been circulating in a less-than-favorable manner. 

Last week, the parody Twitter account, @MeninistTweet, turned Adam Harris' touching wedding photos into a joke. The account, which regularly tweets images, memes and jokes as part of a satirical "meninism" movement, used photos from Harris' wedding with the language, "He's thinking about all the side hoes he has to give up."

Harris, however, got the last laugh, when he tweeted back to Menimist, "Or I was thinking about my wife, but you know, do you."

In an era when harsh words are exchanged on the Internet with little thought, Harris' response was refreshing and calm. "I responded for two reasons: to correct an account that has consistently degraded women and because I will not allow them to shift the focus of our special moment to something else," Harris said in a statement on his blog

"I'm a rather level-headed person so I just reacted how I would normally — just to brush it off," he told BuzzFeed . Other Twitter users have been largely supportive of Harris and his response.

Some may defend Meninist's joke, but Harris says he knows what a real joke is. "My wife is witty, attractive, my best friend and can tell a hell of a joke. A real joke, not what that account calls a joke," he wrote on his blog.

"I did not respond to that tweet in that way just because 'my wife was following me on Twitter,' or 'because my wife made me,'" Harris asserted. "No. It is possible for a man, on his own volition, to stand up for himself and his family. To simply reply to something that is wrong and fix it."