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The week's top links: Rapping Brian Williams, bummer summer songs, making mozzarella and more

The week's top links: Rapping Brian Williams, bummer summer songs

Here are just a few of the stories, lists and videos we loved this week:

Splitsider rounds up all the best inside jokes from the new season of Arrested Development.

Paste lists 40 bummer summer anthems.

Flavorwire recommends 20 great albums you can download for free.

OK Go played an eclectic Tiny Desk Concert for NPR.

The New Yorker features a new story from Jhumpa Lahiri.

Romance By You lets you write yourself (and your friends) into your very own cheesy novels.

Girl Scout cookie-flavored coffee creamers!

Esquire teaches us how to make mozzarella.

Gizmodo turns us onto an app that wakes us up with bacon.

NASA's making our 3D printed pizza dreams a reality.

Forget the death of publishing, do people even read whole articles anymore?

And Domino's is testing out... pizza delivery drones?

Learn about Vince Vaughn's latest project, a documentary on Irish street murals.

Random James Franco project of the week: This American Psycho retrospective.

Rolling Stone interviews jokers/rappers The Lonely Island.

Did you know that Game of Thrones sometimes sneaks famous musicians into scenes?

Finally, a machine that sorts your candy by color.

Let's tour a lost, underwater Egyptian city.

Kathleen Hanna teaches Teen Vogue about riot grrls.

Some inspirational words from Conan O'Brien:

The latest "Greatest Event in Television History" (an Adult Swim series), Amy Poehler and Adam Scott recreate the Hart to Hart credits:

Woody Allen's latest, Blue Jasmine, gets a trailer:

Jimmy Fallon makes a Brian Williams rap mashup:

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