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We love: Web series to hold us over 'til premiere season

We love: Web series to hold us over 'til premiere season

Burning Love, cast
Burning Love BurningLove/Facebook

This weekend, we’re presenting a mid-year round-up of Links We Love, with each day focusing on a different theme. Today’s is web series, so scroll on to hear some of our favorite shows to catch up on:

Burning Love

Whether you love or hate The Bachelor, we promise you’ll be into Burning Love, starring Ken Marino and written by his wife, Erica Oyama. The series takes on all the typical dating show conventions, with plenty of absurd twists.

Ted & Gracie

Written and co-directed by comic Jena Friedman, and co-starring stand-up Ben Kronberg, Ted & Gracie is both a parody of the New York Times’ cheesy wedding videos, and a warning to those who think their significant other miiiight not be what they seem.

Very Mary Kate

Elaine Carroll just is Mary-Kate Olsen, from the weird smile to the ever-present Bodyguard and everything (alcohol baths, Words With Friends issues, classroom antics) in between. The show’s been going for two years, so get ready to settle in and watch them all (get ready for some epic Philip Seymour Hoffman impressions, too).

The Outs

The show that’s been touted as “Girls for gays,” The Outs is a relationship dramaedy that just happens to focus on a group of gay men in New York.

First Dates with Toby Harris

Starring Seth Morris, who’s sad-sack character work is always impeccable, First Dates follows title character Toby Harris who — while awkward in his own right — encounters some seriously crazy women on his search for The One.

The Assistant

Abby Elliot is The Assistant, whose weird workplace, crazy boss and menial tasks we can all relate to.

7 Minutes in Heaven

SNL writer / brilliant improviser Mike O’Brien interviews stars in a 30 Rock closet, closing each conversation out with a quick kiss. Past guests range from ICP to Connie Britton, and they’re all amazing to watch.

I Wanna Have Your Baby

Another SNL writer gets their own series; Christine Nangle will totally have your baby, if you pay her, of course. Follow one slightly Chola-esque perma-pregnant lady’s adventures in babywear, water birth and more, with cameos from some of your favorite comics.

The Front Desk

Starring John Lutz from 30 Rock, The Front Desk introduces us to one very patient upscale hotel clerk, and the crazy people he has to deal with. Cameos so far have included JB Smoove, Paula Pell and Bill Hader, so we expect to see some awesome guest spots in future episodes.

I Hate Being Single

Written and directed by and starring Rob Michael Hugel, the 15-episode first season of I Hate Being Single follows one Brooklyn boy as he navigates life after a break-up, getting back on the dating scene and learning what women really wants (guys on boats: yes. Guys in Snuggies: no.)

Chris Gethard’s Bonnaroo Adventure

Ok, this one isn’t technically a web series, but it is a series of videos documenting comic Chris Gethard’s epic hitchhiking / road trip from Los Angeles to Manchester, Tennessee, to perform at this year’s Bonnaroo. Aided only by the help of strangers, Gethard ends up getting stranded in Arizona, in a race with a Bananaman and more. Gethard’s staged (and documented) several cross-country trips by now, so we knew to expect pure craziness. Splitsider’s rounded up parts one and two of the series. 


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