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Bust summer boredom by learning some sweet new skills

Bust summer boredom by learning some sweet new skills

If you’re anything like me, you start your summer with an optimistic to-do list that never seems to get past “throw the best pool party ever.” If you want this to be the year you finally get around to that creative project you’ve been putting off, or that software training you’ve been dreading, why not make it a group effort by joining an informal class?

It’s not too late to sign up for a summer course at one of Austin’s many continuing ed. programs, and whether you’re looking to learn a serious new skill (hello, Photoshop!) or something more fun (like being ‘barista for a day’), chances are you’ll find something you’re into.

Here are a few places to start your search:

University of Texas’ Informal Classes

With a little bit of everything, UT’s continuing ed. department is the perfect place for current students and grads alike to pick up a few hours’ instruction. Exercise & Dance and Health & Wellness courses offer everything from boxing and kung fu to kayaking and horseback riding — even private pilot instruction. Business & Personal Life training ranges from tech skills to grant writing, to stand up comedy, and Creative Life & Culinary Arts-focused classes have some delicious coffee and chocolate-centric training sessions. You can even get started on learning a new language in one of the UT Odyssey courses, more academically rigorous sessions presented in tandem with university professors.

Austin Community College’s Continuing Education

Whether you’d like to begin working towards more in-depth career training or you’re looking for a crash course in creative pursuits like glass-blowing or quilting, ACC has an inexpensive, small (read: student-friendly) class for you. Their online registration system makes signing up simple.  

Whole Foods’ Culinary Center

Year-round, Whole Foods’ Culinary Center is known for its innovative classes, and its plain-English approach to teaching that ensures even the most inept novice will come out of class with at least one dish mastered. This July, Whole Foods is offering 101 courses like Bread Basics and Knife Skills along with seasonal favorites like Summer Pies, a Taco and Salsa Workshop and a Celebrate Bastille event featuring French fare. 

Austin School of Fashion Design

I’ve always wanted to learn to sew, especially when I see cute patterns I’d love to try but have no idea how to read. Luckily, the Austin School of Fashion Design offers both in-depth and crash courses on sewing from scratch or with a pattern, plus advanced training in design and illustration for those looking to expand their repertoire. Call 512-448-9636 for info on upcoming classes.


Got a class you'd like to recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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Computer Classes
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