Raccoon Rescue

Austin police officer saves adorable raccoon stuck in hot car

Austin police officer saves the day for lucky raccoon stuck in hot car

APD officer rescuing pet raccoon from hot car in Austin
APD teaches a valuable lesson about pet safety and legality in one day. Photo courtesy of Austin Police Department/Twitter

On Tuesday, the Austin Police Department had to make a very unique rescue. Around 2 pm, APD tweeted photos of an officer holding a small raccoon that had been rescued from a car. "Earlier today, APD rescued a pet raccoon that had been locked in a hot car. Please don't leave pets in hot cars," the tweet read.

After several queries from followers regarding the legality of even owning a raccoon as a pet, APD responded that, no, technically you're not allowed to keep the little critters as pets.

After taking a long drink from the officer's 7-Eleven Big Gulp, the young woodland creature is now safe. But let this be a lesson for Austinites about the dangers of leaving pets — any kind of pet — in the car during hot summer months.