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Police need help after finding injured dog left to die in North Austin industrial park

Police need help after finding injured dog left to die in North Austin

Injured dog APD
Do you know anything about this dog? If so, APD needs your help. Photo by Austin Police Department/KVUE

KVUE — Police are asking for the public's help in finding the person they say abandoned a dog in Northeast Austin. The Austin Police Department said officers picked up the badly injured 2-year-old pit bull in the early morning hours of Friday, July 11, abandoned in the 2200 block of Investment Drive. The area is an industrial park, but none of the businesses have surveillance cameras that point to the sidewalk near the corner where the dog was found.

Someone called police after spotting the dog around 3:30 am. She was sitting outside an open wire cage with brutal injuries. The entire left side of the animal was missing skin and fur. She had no tags or microchip but was wearing a pink collar. Officers say she wasn't skittish at all, that she was very friendly, but they could tell she was suffering.

Police took her to an emergency clinic and then to a shelter, but doctors determined she was in too much pain, so they put her down. The doctors believe she might have been dragged by a car or possibly burned with some kind of chemical. The person who called police found the dog outside a cage, so officers believe someone dumped her, that she didn't just run away.

They checked the cage for fingerprints but weren't able to find anything. APD's Animal Cruelty Division hopes someone will see the picture, recognize her, and help find the person responsible. If police can prove that the injuries were done intentionally before the dog was abandoned, it would be classified as torture, a felony in Texas.


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