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Hot Clicks: A rare week of tragedy and progression

Hot Clicks: A rare week of tragedy and progression

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This week's content mixed tragedy with forward thinking.

We sadly reported on the shooting in College Station, as well as several inquisitive minds exploring new realms of opportunity in their fields.

Two sisters give publishing "chick lit" online a spin, while in.gredients created so much buzz, the New York Times wrote about its novel business plan. 

The most we took away from this week? Life is short: It's best to take note of those that you love and the interesting things taking place around you.

- Before the shock had even warn off from the shooting in Aurora, tragedy struck a Texas A&M neighborhood.

- America's first zero-waste micro-grocery, in.gredients, is now open on Manor, causing buzz across the country.

- Authored by two Austin writers, the first Dish Lit series unfolds online. Think Sex & the City with an Austin/foodie twist.

- "MrFunGuy" has money, but apparently no one to travel with. "ICraveAdventure" is attractive, but lacks travel funds. The website MissTravel.com puts the two of them together.

- Columnist Dan Solomon says what everyone else is thinking: We’re from the music capital, where you can’t make music for capital.

Have a great weekend, and if you find yourself with extra down-time, be sure to peruse previous weeks' Hot Clicks to see what other cultural conversations you may have missed.