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University of Texas towers to top spot on USA Today's Best Colleges for Sports list

University of Texas towers on USA Today Best Colleges for Sports list

University of Texas at Austin tower aerial
University of Texas sports: No. 1 in our hearts — and the country. University of Texas at Austin/Facebook

Austin's truths universally acknowledged are that we have strong opinions about tacos, we love a good patio, and we bleed burnt orange.

Living in Austin means being automatically drafted into the Longhorn fan club, and what a club it is. The school boasts Olympic gold medalists, NFL top draft picks, and NBA MVP winners (Kevin Durant, anyone?).

And though every Longhorn win, regardless of sport, is celebrated with a special "Eyes of Texas" piped out by the UT Tower, at no time is school spirit more apparent than football season, when smokers start piping before dawn on Saturdays and everyone breaks out their burnt orange best. 

And it appears the whole country knows it. For its annual 10Best competition, USA Today named the 10 Best Colleges for Sports and, unsurprisingly to any Longhorn, the University of Texas at Austin took the No. 1 spot. 

"For athletes and non-athletes alike, the college experience — with its mascots, marching bands, and longstanding traditions — often breeds lifelong loyalty in fans," says the newspaper of the importance of athletics during the university experience. 

In order to determine the rankings, USA Today sports editor Steve Henson nominated the top 20 schools in the country. Fans then had the chance to vote once a day for their top picks.

"The University of Texas in Austin [sic] enjoys sporting success across its programs, but on Saturdays in fall, football is king," says USA Today. "Regardless of the team's success, hordes of burnt orange-wearing fans turn up in their cowboy boots to cheer on the team. Another bonus: Texas weather is ideal for tailgating."

Coming in second is Pennsylvania State University (2) followed by the University of Maryland — College Park (3). University of Florida (4) and Ohio State University (5) rounded out the top five spots. And while UT was the only Texas or Big 12 school to make the list, college football's reigning champs, University of Alabama, came in at No. 10.