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Ashes of local soldier stolen from widow's house

Ashes of local soldier stolen from widow's house

KVUE — Thieves broke into a Central Texas home stealing money, jewelry — and the ashes of a former Fort Hood soldier. The burglary happened on August 19 in Killeen while Cody Lee's widow, Angela Lee, was visiting family.

Angela had Cody's remains cremated in 2012 to keep his presence alive in her house. Angela also put some of her husband's ashes into an urn necklace to wear. "It was nice to have that little bit of him next to me at all times," said Angela.

But that necklace along with two other bags of Cody's ashes were stolen, after thieves used a brick to smash a window and entered Angela's home.

The ashes were inside a fake Louis Vuitton box, inside a trunk filled with other memories of Cody. Angela thinks the knock-off designer brand caught the eyes of the thieves. "Maybe they thought there was something valuable in there."

But the ashes are valuable to Angela and her 3-year-old Landon. "This particular box was meant for my son when he gets older and he could do whatever he wanted to do with it."

Killeen Police Department are analyzing finger prints and giving descriptions of the stolen jewelry to local pawn shops. Angela is talking with neighbors and sharing her story on Facebook hoping someone will come forward with information. "I won't press charges. All I want is those two things, nothing else."

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The ashes of a Fort Hood soldier were stolen.  NewsFixNow.com