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Breaking news: Austin drivers are just terrible

Breaking news: Austin drivers are just terrible

A few years ago, the comedian John Mulaney played the Cap City Comedy Club. During his set, he did a bit about taking an exit ramp off I-35 only to realize he meant to get off at the next one. Rather than take the incorrect exit, Mulaney changed gears and reversed back onto the highway. As the audience roared, I remember thinking, "So what? People do that in Austin all the time."

A new survey from insurance provider Allstate names Austin the 159th safest city for drivers (out of 200), which actually means we're one of the worst. Yeah, we know. We knew as soon as we realized that making a left hand turn from the far right lane was common practice. We also knew the first time we caravanned to Dripping Springs with friends and no one bothered to use a blinker the entire trip.

Oh, and let's not forget the time we were driving down South Congress and the car in front of us stopped in the middle of the busy street. While the rest of the road watched in horror, the driver pulled out a phone, wrote a text, sent it and then continued driving. We knew when this happened. Oh Allstate, we know. 

So how bad are we? Allstate ranked population, city density, rain and snow capabilities (or lack thereof) and overall driving habits. When it comes to city density, we ranked 170th. We also ranked 159th for our drive in rain and snow, which comes as a surprise to absolutely no one. 

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Allstate tells us what we already know: We're terrible at driving.