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Patient with Ebola-like symptoms admitted to Austin hospital

Patient with Ebola-like symptoms admitted to Austin hospital

Editor's note: According to a statement released by Seton Medical Center, the patient with Ebola-like symptoms did not meet the risk profile for Ebola testing.

KVUE — Early Saturday morning Seton Medical Center received a transfer patient with Ebola-like symptoms. The patient recently traveled in West Africa, but not in one of the affected countries.

According to the Texas Department of State Health and Human Services, the patient's lab results and condition, determined that the patient does not meet the risk profile for Ebola testing. The hospital followed all Centers for Disease Control guidelines when admitting the patent to protect the patent and staff members.

The patient is still in Seton's care to rule out other viral diseases. Hospital operations have returned to normal.

Garry Olney, Chief Operating Officer, Seton Medical Center Austin released the following information to the media regarding the early-morning activities:

  • We arranged for the patient to be directly admitted.
  • We placed the patient in isolation and met with the hospital’s Intermediate Medical Care (IMC) team members to share with them what we knew and to answer any questions.
  • We set up an Incident Command Center in Seton Medical Center Austin.
  • We delivered the appropriate personal protective equipment, per Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, to the patient’s room to protect the patient and our staff.
  • We triple-bagged all lab specimens that were drawn from the patient and instructed our housekeeping staff on the proper disposal of linens and supplies. This is standard procedure.
  • Hospital Security placed officers to monitor and control visitors near the patient’s room. The entire hospital was locked down, as is standard procedure during off hours.
  • We are collaborating with the City of Austin Health Department, Austin/Travis County Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Texas DSHS and the regional office for the CDC.


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