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Looks like a brilliant meteor fell in Texas sky

Looks like a brilliant meteor fell in Texas sky

What looks to have been a spectacular meteor was spotted by people across Texas on November 8 at about 8:45 pm. Many described it as the biggest they'd seen of its kind.

A long, very bright, slightly green light that fell from the sky, it was documented in a number of photos and videos. YouTube user shadeth got one of the best on his car's dashboard-mounted camera while driving west on Hausman Road in San Antonio.

"Not sure what this was, but it was very bright and slightly green in color to our eyes," reads the caption.

Grapevine resident Stephen Denney also caught it on his dash-cam (posted above) while driving on the Sam Rayburn Tollway (121) in Carrollton.

Veteran sky watchers surmised that it was part of a meteor shower for the Andromedids, a recurring meteor event dating back to a comet called 3D/Biela that's been sending out streams for centuries. There are also the annual Leonid meteor showers that can be seen in the Southwest every November.

The American Meteor Society predicted meteoric activity this week, with November 8 the peak night for the Adromedids. The site received numerous reports from witnesses extending from San Antonio to Austin to Houston and as far north as Denton.

"I saw it in north Denton," said one witness. "It was so bright I thought it was a stray firework from the UNT game."

"I swear, it lit up the sky like the sun for about a half second. Never seen anything like it," said another.

Meteor, Dallas
Meteor-like object from November 8, 2014. Photo courtesy of Brett Crandall