We're Freezing!

Austinites prepare for cold weather the best way we know how: Complaining on Twitter

Austinites prepare for cold weather the best way we know how

I'm freezing, you're freezing, everyone in Austin is so cold right now. Thanks to what is now being dubbed the "Arctic Outbreak," we are going to have a particularly cold couple of days. Though no ice is predicted in town, most weather forecasters are saying it could freeze in the Hill Country, and that we should expect low temperatures around freezing for the rest of the week.

Austinites fall into two different camps when it comes to the cold. First, there are those who welcome the weather with open arms. "I love layers!" they exclaim. These people are mainly native Texans or those still suffering from post traumatic stress from that summer when it was 100 degrees for like eight months. 

The second, of course, are people who hate the cold. They wear shorts until it becomes confusing and know all the best swimming holes because they go year-round. Many of these folks grew up in less temperate climates and still remember the pain of taking off a snowsuit to use the bathroom.

Regardless of where we're from, it seems all Austinites have a very similar reaction to the cold weather. They cancel all plans, switch from iced coffee to hot and fire up the Twitter to navigate this crazy new world of cold.  

First, Scott Fisher delivers this terrifying news.  

Then we collectively enter our first stage of cold weather: Denial. 

The second stage is anger — and hatred of driving abilities. 

Then, no matter how much you bargain, the humidity isn't going to save us. 

And of course the fourth stage, which is depression.

And finally, acceptance.

But no matter what, we must continue to be ourselves. 

And keep our wits about us.

And remember that this too shall pass and next week we'll be back to patio weather.