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A List of Lists: Our top three Divine Presents

A List of Lists: Our top three Divine Presents

Christmas is only four days away, and I sincerely hope none of you readers will be forced to venture out into the harsh, unforgiving world of last minute shopping. A cruel band of relentless procrastinators, the last minute Christmas shopper is devoid of any public etiquette or simple politeness and should be avoided under any ordinary circumstances. But, as previously stated, Christmas is a short few days away, and if you haven't completed your duties, that’s no longer an option.  

Throughout the holiday season CultureMap has provided our readers with a steady stream of gift ideas, ranging anywhere from compassionate to sickeningly cute. And with the deadline for gift-shopping drawing near, we urge you to take another (or first) look at our Divine Presents editorial series, and at least plan for what you’ll be shopping for in the coming days. Of course, you’ll still have to wait in line.

Here are three of our favorites from the series:

1.  Treaty Oak Platinum Rum
The only distillery in Texas to handle both brewing and distilling in-house, the silver rum is hand-crafted using only the finest local ingredients and is distilled in reflux column — a method unique to Treaty Oak. A great gift for those who need to escape family members without being able to leave the house.

2. Songwriting Workshop with Kevin Welch
As much a vacation as it is a seminar, singer/songwriter Kevin Welch offers up his log cabin and genius as wordsmith to any aspiring writers or musicians looking to expand their lyrical repertoire. A truly unique Texas gift for anyone looking to experience the Americana Folk lifestyle deep in the woods of Wimberley.

3.  Pictorial Webster's: A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities
Almost a tome, the Pictorial Webster is a collection of over 1,500 engravings used in Webster’s Dictionaries throughout the 19th century. Equally historical and fascinating, these sketches are sure to rile up a bit of nostalgia in anyone familiar with the famous word definer’s work.


Treaty Oak Rum
Texas Spirit
Kevin Welch cabin
Kevin Welch's log cabin, site for his songwriting workshop.
Pictorial Webster