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Most popular dog names in Austin for 2017 are doggone adorable

Most popular dog names in Austin for 2017 are doggone adorable

French bulldog puppy has rolled out a list of the top dog names across the U.S. for 2017. Mutts Canine Cantina/Facebook

Gone are the days when Spot and Fido were the most popular names at the dog park. According, a national network of pet sitters and dog walkers, the most popular dog names in Austin this year are Charlie and Bella.

For male pups in Austin, Max (No. 2) and Cooper (No. 3) finish out the top three. Oliver (4), Buddy (5), Bear (6), Jack (7), and Duke (8) directly follow. Creativity shines more with the ninth and 10th on the list: Leo and Bentley.

For female dogs, Lucy and Luna are No. 2 and No. 3, respectively. Next up are Daisy (4), Lola (5), Sadie (6), Maggie (7), Penny (8), Bailey (9), and Molly (10). 

While not in the top 10, says football-themed names are hot in Austin, with names like Aggie trending. Booze-inspired names, including Kahlua, Jager, and Hennessy, are also on the rise. And while names inspired by tasty ‘cue are trending down, the name Pig is trending up.

From coast to coast, Max (No. 1), Charlie (No. 2), and Cooper (No. 3) for males, along with Bella (No. 1), Lucy (No. 2), and Daisy (No. 3) for females, top the list. Across the nation, dog names dominating 2017 parallel the top ​baby ​names for 2017, ​with ​human-inspired ​names ​making up a ​whopping ​44 percent ​of ​all ​dog ​names ​this year, up ​57 percent ​from ​2016. ​

Owners are also taking a nod from powerful women with Oprah, Madonna, and Katniss all up and coming. And 8 percent ​of ​all ​dog ​names are pop culture-influenced. Barb, a character in the Netflix series Stranger Things, saw an increase of 182 percent, ​while Star Wars-related names like ​Rey and Finn went up a notable 70 percent.

Food ​and ​political ​names ​trended ​down this year, ​but new ​sources ​of ​inspiration ​​include newsmakers ​like ​Wonder ​Woman; ​Taylor ​Swift; and DoggoLingo, an internet-based dialect and nonofficial language of dog lovers everywhere.