The Future Looks Bright

Things are looking up in the Lone Star State, according to Gallup's well-being index

Texans claim things are looking up in Lone Star State

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Since 2010, Texans have increased steadily in well-being measurements such as physical and emotional health. Photo courtesy of

According to a new survey, the future looks a little brighter in Texas. The Lone Star State is one of 10 with steadily improving scores on Gallup's well-being index since 2010. The survey polled nearly 180,000 Americans, including 12,473 Texans.

The well-being index is determined by combining questions about one's current life situation with projections for how life will be five years into the future. It addresses emotional and physical health as well as workplace attitudes through questions about energy levels, sick days and history of disease.

For 2013, the Lone Star States sits in 21st place overall, which is a six-slot increase from 2012. Texans earned their highest rankings for life evaluation and work environment but landed toward the bottom of the scale for healthy behaviors and basic access to food, healthcare and a "safe and satisfying place to live."

Texans shared similar well-being profiles with residents of Oregon, Florida and New Jersey.

North Dakota residents claim the highest well-being in the survey, bolstered by the best work environment and physical health in the nation. North Dakota unseated Hawaii for the top spot. The islands had earned first place the previous four years but fell to No. 8 in 2013. South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota and Montana rounded out the top five.